Colusa Firefighters Association


The purpose of the Cinderella Project is to honor and continue the support that Cindy O’Brien provided to the students of CUSD. Cindy was a generous and kind hearted soul that worked at Burchfield Primary School. She recognized the needs of students that were unable to participate in activities due to financial hardships. She was attentive to the fact that there were students in need of extra help with food, clothing and other school related items that families occasionally struggle to provide. Her generous nature and her position within the school system allowed her to see the student’s struggles first hand. We are asking you to continue the work that Cindy started so that all students have the same opportunity to participate and feel like they are a part of the community we are trying to build.

If you are a member of the CUSD staff and would like to nominate a student in attendance at Burchfield Primary School, Egling Middle School, or Colusa High School, please fill out the application below. We would love to continue to carry the torch of Cindy O’Brien.