All firefighters in our association are sworn to protect life, and property of the residents of Colusa. We take pride in our oath and strive to be best in which our community deserves. Keep in mind that our volunteers are just that, Volunteers. They are not paid to serve, but do so willingly in order to achieve the common goal of the department. 

Fire Chief Logan Conley

Engineer David Avera

Engineer Gumercindo "Bo" Salazar

Firefighter Gumercindo Salazar III

Firefighter Emilio Swift

Lieutenant Mario Reyes

Driver/Operator McKay Green

Driver/Operator Gabriel Salazar

Driver/Operator Rod Angus

Firefighter Marco Bedolla

Firefighter Roy Miller

Firefighter Chad O'Brien

Firefighter Salvador Lara

Firefighter Martin Contreras

Firefighter Ryan Ward

Firefighter Trainee Diego Avila